Yoga – my new daily exercise

girl standing with view, yoga

Before I came away travelling I went to the gym perhaps 4 times on a normal week. I loved spinning, a hiit session, a circuits class… it made me feel good. I knew though that fitting in exercise was going to be a different ball game whilst travelling. In preparation I bought myself some resistance bands with the hope of doing regular hiit sessions in hotel rooms. I also figured we could go for some exploratory runs. This just didn’t happen though.

Busy Asian streets filled with unpredictable motorbikes, people selling food on the floor and a variety of rogue animals made even just walking along the road difficult never mind a run! We did the odd beach run but I’ve found that if it isn’t in my routine it doesn’t happen. I tried a few hiit workouts in our room but lack of space, no gym mat and dirty floors meant it wasn’t ideal. It wasn’t enjoyable and therefore it wasn’t sustainable.

For the first few months I hoped that the odd volcano hike and carrying our heavy backpacks would be enough. But I really missed exercising and I could feel myself getting less fit by the day. So around mid October I decided to try out yoga.

In the past I’d always wanted to be that person who did yoga but I didn’t really see the appeal. If I was going to dedicate 30 mins to something I wanted to get super sweaty. (Although I now realise yoga can do this too). I also felt that yoga wasn’t something I could do because I wasn’t tall and thin enough. I thought I had to be very slender and slim to do yoga. Perhaps there is something wrong with the presentation of yoga in the media and online… because I mean anyone with any body type of course can enjoy yoga.

So, I found a 30 day yoga playlist on Youtube with the amazing Adriene from Yoga With Adriene and from here my life changed. Since then I have done yoga at least once every day and honestly, it makes me feel amazing. It works out my body in a completely different way to anything I’ve done before. I love the stretches and some of the workouts leave me so super sweaty and exhausted! The combination of breath and movement connects my mind and body together in a way that is transformative. A session always leaves me feeling as though I’ve taken a feather duster to my mind and wafted away the cobwebs! The mindful aspect of the practise really aligns my thoughts and feelings. I am able to be really intentional in the way I set myself up for the day.

So in a way I am glad that I have struggled to fit in exercise whilst travelling. It was this that opened up the space in my life for my yoga obsession to develop. This really makes me so happy! I was finally able to give yoga that time it needed to win me over.

Without thinking ‘I could be at a spin class now’ or ‘maybe it would be a better use of my time to do a hiit session’, I am able to fully immerse myself in the practise and I have come to really understand the power of yoga.

I am excited for this new yoga journey and I hope that it stays in my life for a very long time.

(Although I could just really do with a yoga mat. I am making do with duvets, towels and blankets at the moment!)

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