The Simple Now – for those looking to lead a simpler life

The Simple Now – for those looking to lead a simpler life

I’ve been planning something for a little while now… and I am very excited to finally be able to share it here!

Over the last few weeks I have been interviewing some incredible women about the lives they lead, looking into how we can live a slower, simpler and more intentional life. It is these interviews that will make up The Simple Now. 

My intention is to create a bit of a hub where we can listen to others and learn how they approach slow and simple living. I’ve discussed many different things including minimalism, zero waste, slow travel, plant based eating, writing, mental health and more. So hopefully there will be areas that you can relate to and maybe, just maybe, some of the incredible thoughts and ideas of the women I have spoken to might speak directly to you. We are all so unique, such complicated humans and slow living is different for everyone. But I would love to provide a place here where you can take some time to yourself to read and hopefully be inspired.

The main thing I have really learnt over the last few weeks through interviewing different people for The Simple Now is that slow living isn’t about the Pinterest perfect life and curated online feed. It is about feeling something different within ourselves. The very core of intentional living is a personal one and embodies our most inner truths and existence. It is about our thoughts, feelings and attitudes and the way we conduct ourselves in the world and in our mind. It is not about perfection but about being kind to ourselves and allowing for time and space in our lives.

So in my interviews I have tried to dig deep beyond the grid and beyond our online colour schemes. I have tried to show the real lives of real people.

I really hope you enjoy The Simple Now. There are some really interesting interviews lined up with some really exciting people – some of whom I never expected to say yes! The first interview will go live early November so watch this space!


You can read more about what slow living means to me here.

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