Slow Living on the Go

Slow Living on the Go

Hello again!

For my second post I thought I’d explain a bit about the general tagline for my blog which is Slow Living on the Go.

I’m sure you are familiar with the Slow Living movement, but I want to be even more specific with this and explore Slow Living during my life on the road.

Slow Living often means something slightly different for different people but for me it is:

 … living with purpose and with intention. It is about looking after yourself and giving yourself the time / space / routine you need to feel your absolute best.  It is about eating well and looking after your body and mind. Sometimes it is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone but other times allowing yourself the down time you need. It is about being kind to yourself and about self acceptance. Not trying to force yourself to fit a mould that society sets out for us whether that be a certain body shape, a routine an online presence or anything else. It is about growing as a person at your own pace and learning to create and sustain a lifestyle that works for you. It is about knowing when enough is enough. Slowing right down when you need to yet doing things that scare you at times too. It is about getting things wrong and making mistakes but being able to accept it and move on…

So, slow living on the go then… how can I navigate the unpredictable and uncertain life of travel and find a means of purpose and routine for myself. How can I feel healthy, active, relaxed, challenged, fulfilled, adventurous, self confident and most importantly myself whilst I am travelling. How do I carve out a lifestyle that works for me?

This is essentially one of the things I will be exploring on here.

I also love to have a project on the go. I enjoy having something to work on. Setting myself deadlines and feeling as though I am building something up for myself. Of course there will be so much going on but I don’t want to fall into a place of feeling as though I have no purpose like I did at uni (which you can more about here). So writing this blog is the perfect place to start!

I want my travelling experience to be more than just an extended holiday but an opportunity to build something without the time constraints of a day job and without the pressure of needing to establish an income stream for myself. I am aware that I am in such a privileged position and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to do this! I’ve worked hard saving up for this trip of a lifetime so I want to  really make the most of it. Explore, write, take photos, spark discussion, make memories, meet people, feel healthy and happy!

What does Slow Living mean to you?

Also, please do get involved with the hashtags Slow Living on the Go (#slowlivingonthego) if you would like! 🙂






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