An introduction to Sarah Louise Bristow

An introduction to Sarah Louise Bristow


It is always a difficult one writing the first ever article on a blog so I’m just going to dive in and see what happens.

My name is Sarah Bristow and my middle name is Louise 🙂 Hence the blog URL Sarah Louise Bristow. It feels personal yet broad enough to encompass the lifestyle themes I would like to explore on here. In a nutshell these will be slow living, travel, health (food, physical and mental) and some thoughtful posts too. But more on that later.

So a bit of background.

I graduated from the University of Leeds 3 years ago where I studied English and Music. During my uni years I discovered the world of blogging and found myself completely obsessed. My degree was very limited in terms of contact time and blogging gave me something to do.  Stuck in my room day after day attempting to write an essay due in 3 weeks time with no joy whatsoever was a soul destroying process. I was so bored and uninspired with the lack of routine and felt pretty lost with the vast amount of time I had on my hands. Blogging filled this void perfectly.It gave me more of a purpose and was just what I needed. I’ve always loved photography, writing, design and colour so it was natural that I gravitated towards it really.

My blog was called It was essentially just me writing about lifestyle, beauty, travel and blogger events etc. It was the time of #bblogger, #lblogger and one beauty product review after the other! I became part of a fabulous little Leeds bloggers community and absolutely loved it. I made some great friends and actually had something to do with my time. This also landed me my internship at a small beauty based company during my final year which had a knock on effect with me applying for jobs. I achieved the 2:1 I wanted (just) but it is safe to say it was the blogging world which led me to my job. It really is a wonderful thing isn’t it?!

I was very lucky to secure a job in Marketing straight away. I moved to Manchester and began my 9-5 office job.  There I met my now boyfriend and fell completely and utterly head over heels in love. It was totally unexpected and was the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me. A beautiful and magical whirlwind that I will be forever grateful for!

With a new job demanding a lot of time from me and my head now up in the clouds of love, I found that I no longer had the energy, time or head space to commit to blogging. And I was okay with that. It wasn’t a priority for me and instead I made a whole new life for myself. I adored the routine that my office job gave me and revelled in my new-found sense of purpose. I felt happier and healthier and more me than I had in a long time! It was a pivotal moment and I feel so lucky for the series of events that led me to Manchester.

After a while I started experimenting with a bit of food writing. I began visiting restaurants to review them and so blogging resurfaced. I renamed myself  TheFoodBee and wrote about food and fitness for a couple of years. It was very much a hobby and something I did on the side. However, I felt almost like I was just writing when an opportunity came up and when I had some spare time rather than writing when I had content ideas or inspiration. I felt like my blog had no real purpose or goals and was just drifting along.

I also felt very constrained in the food and fitness niche and I wasn’t too sure on my place within the community. My relationship with food and fitness is a complicated one (like many I am sure) and I found myself frustrated a lot of the time. I was unclear of my online identity and felt as though I wasn’t doing myself justice. I wanted to dig deeper into some themes within the food and fitness topics yet felt unqualified and also quite self conscious to do so. So instead I just mostly wrote within a very ‘top level’ and generic space.

I also felt that the food and fitness niche allowed little room for my creative side. I love photography and lifestyle imagery so much yet this just didn’t work. I was stuck in a rut and something had to change.

I felt so strongly that I needed to strip back everything, rediscover my love of writing and photography and dig deep into the topics that really interest me.

Fast forward to today.

My boyfriend and I both left our jobs in Manchester just over a month ago (I can’t believe how fast that has gone!) and will be going travelling at the end of August. We immediately flew out to Gibraltar after our last day at work and completed sailing qualifications (I am now a Day Skipper yay!). We hope to use these alongside our travels to get work and earn some more money.

With everything in my life changing so intensely it became the perfect opportunity to start again.

So this is where Sarah Louise Bristow fits into the bigger picture and I am so unbelievably excited about it!

I will be blogging about my travels and specifically touching on topics of slow living, slow travel, health, fitness, mental health, lifestyle, photography and more. I want to write for the joy of writing and show off the photos I have spent time creating. I will be posting soon with more detail about my vision for Sarah Louise Bristow and in particular my tag line – Slow Living On The Go.

If you’ve got this far thank you for reading! Do follow me on Instagram at @sarahlouisebristow where I will be posting regularly and leave me a comment as they make my day.

That’s all for now.



  1. August 6, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    Hi Sarah! Everything looks wonderful. Excited to follow along.

  2. August 9, 2018 / 4:24 pm

    Hello, welcome back to the blogging world 🙂 The site is looking wonderful.

  3. Jo Robinson
    August 17, 2018 / 7:07 am

    How amazing to be able to give it all up and go travelling! What a brilliant adventure x

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